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Discover Your Life's Purpose

We all possess the ability to manifest our own destiny. It is truly a gift to understand your purpose in life, yet most people will never consider asking themselves that question.

I am a spiritual channel and guide that helps assist humanity in understanding one’s life purpose. I help people to heal their body, mind, and soul in order to have the optimal human experience here on earth. I guide people into deep cosmic journeys in order to reprogram unhealthy habits and remind them of who they truly are. I teach individuals how to Tune energy frequency in the body in order to create one’s desired reality and to move toxic energy out of the body. I channel an energy frequency that shares divine knowledge about many subjects. Her name is EVAA. If you are readying this then there is a strong chance that your soul has sought us out on an energetic level, in order to help your human self understand more  information regarding your soul’s journey here at this time. 

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential with Unique Coaching Guidance

Life gifts us the incredible power to shape our destiny, yet most wander through it without pausing to ponder their true purpose. With a unique blend of soul-level engagement, spiritual insight, and decades of diverse experiences, I offer a roadmap to your highest potential.

A Journey of Soul Engagement

I pride myself on my ability to connect with people at a soul level, guiding them towards transformative “a-ha” moments that pivot their life towards previously unimaginable paths. Whether it’s through my history as a competitive ballroom dancer, a serial entrepreneur, or as a spiritual intuitive, my rich tapestry of life experiences equips me to perceive your unique needs and guide you toward fulfilling them.

Tailor-Made Spiritual Guidance

Every Spiritual Guidance program is as unique as you are. Starting from the first session, we focus on crafting a mutual understanding of your intentions and laying down an expedited roadmap towards your spiritual goals.

More Than Just Surface-Level Issues

You might enter the session believing your issues lie with material abundance, only to discover that the real blockade is a limiting belief about your self-worth. My role is to sift through these layers to offer you what you truly need—even when you may not know it yourself!

Multifaceted Coaching Elements

My sessions are uniquely enriched with elements like dance or ‘lead and follow’ exercises that help build trust, vulnerability, and foresight. They might involve channeling specific spiritual frequencies or even feature emotional healing through intuitive readings. The possibilities are virtually endless, custom-tailored to nourish your soul and elevate your spiritual journey.

Jaki promised me she would change my life with this coaching- and only four sessions in she has revolutionized the way I interact with the world, and been a positive force of abundance. She gives actionable solutions to a multitude of troubling situations that life inevitably doles out transforming pain into light. She is a beautiful coach that I truly feel was manifested into my life to bring greater understanding and awareness. She is a goddess, and will help to manifest understanding into your soul.

Holly Vergunst

Be The Change You Want To See

Begin a transformative spiritual journey under the guidance of Jaki, an adept channel and spiritual mentor. We offer you a roadmap to uncovering your life’s true calling, helping you align with your highest self.

Heal the trifecta of your existence—body, mind, and soul. Through various techniques ranging from meditation to spiritual counseling, we aim to offer you a holistic healing experience that prepares you for an enriching life journey.

Take a deep dive into the cosmos with guided spiritual adventures that are designed to help you break free from detrimental habits and behavioral patterns. Discover a renewed sense of self and a fresh outlook on life.

Get hands-on training to manipulate your body’s energy frequency. Learn how to channel positive energies and dispel toxic vibrations, thus creating a reality that resonates with your deepest desires and aspirations.

Tap into the wealth of divine wisdom channeled through EVAA—an extraordinary energy frequency. With insights covering a myriad of topics, find answers that align with the quests of your soul and empower your spiritual journey.

The very fact you’re here is no coincidence. Your soul has sought out this connection, hungry for knowledge and eager for enlightenment. Trust this intuitive pull—it’s the first step towards understanding your greater purpose here on Earth.

How It Works

Three Simple Steps To a better you


Create clear Intention


Feel it’s existence


Allow the receiving of it

Create More Abundance in Every Facet of Life

Harness the tools for life-enriching abundance, be it time, love, money, or overall well-being. With Jaki Royal and the wisdom channeled through Evaa, discover ways to cultivate an abundant mindset and life.

Mend Your Relationship with Money and Self

Struggling with financial wellness or inner peace? We provide actionable guidance to heal the disconnect between you and your resources, or you and your deeper self, setting the stage for a more harmonious existence.

Your Path to Purposeful Action

Jaki Royal’s ultimate mission is to empower you to become the person you’ve always envisioned. It’s not just about identifying your purpose, but taking decisive actions to live it out fully, guided by the enlightening energy of Evaa.

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Thank You Money

Abundance Comes with practice

The design of the Thank u money logo and stickers is the symbol of not only infinity but the constant flow that money’s frequency stays in. When you put these stickers on your credit cards or wallet, they are a constant reminder of gratitude for the money you already have and the continuation of flow that you want money to remain in. “When I see my sticker I always say out loud…Thank U Money! It is a good habit to have when maintaining a great relationship with money.” 

Some feedback that is common after having a money channeling session with me is…that people feel they have a direct line to speaking to money and start to create a healthy relationship with her. Within days after the session I will get “thank u money” text messages or people calling me to say…today I had a big money issue come up and normally I would have lost my head over it. Instead I felt confident that money had my back. I feel at easy and more free to trust that everything is working out for me!

Featured Podcast Appearance

Check out Jaki Royal’s latest featured podcast with her dear friend Michelle Marie King from Positive Presence.  Jaki shares her experience channeling the frequency of Money for the first time!


Hear From My Clients

“I am truly grateful for all of the people I’ve been able to help and for all of the amazing feedback I have received over the years.” – Jaki

About Jaki

“Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go”

Born into a family of competitive Ballroom Dancers, Jaki did not always feel in control of her own destiny. She was a shy, people pleasing, overly sensitive little girl that had to work extra hard to escape the shadows of her well accomplished parents. In order to find her true calling in life, she had to understand what made her uniquely different from everyone around her.

“I am a spiritual being first, human being second. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 21. I am currently a high level competitive athlete. I am an author and an intuitive that channels the frequency of money!” – Jaki Royal

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Expect to dive deep into your core beliefs about yourself and your reality. You’ll gain insight into the spiritual frequencies that govern these beliefs, setting the foundation for a healthier relationship with your inner self. This newfound understanding can liberate you from self-imposed limitations and encourage a more harmonious flow of spiritual energy in your life.

If you sense an inner calling or even just a smidgen of curiosity to understand yourself or the universe more intimately, you’re an ideal candidate for this type of coaching. Our Spiritual Guidance sessions are structured to help individuals uncover their true essence and spiritual identity. If you’ve landed on this page, chances are, a higher calling has already directed you here.

My coaching methodology is truly one-of-a-kind, blending over two decades of coaching experience in diverse fields. I incorporate elements like ‘lead and follow’ from ballroom dance and even incorporate lessons learned from both heterosexual and same-sex dynamics. With a pragmatic approach honed from my entrepreneurial journey and my innate spiritual intuition, I provide a distinct blend of guidance designed to propel you toward your spiritual objectives. Plus, I channel specialized spiritual frequencies to elevate your coaching experience.

Evaa’s spiritual frequency serves as a guiding light throughout our sessions, offering wisdom and clarity as you explore your spiritual landscape. Tapping into this frequency can result in transformative experiences and deeper understanding of your spiritual path.

While each individual’s journey is different, commitment to regular sessions and an openness to explore beyond your comfort zones are crucial for a meaningful transformation. Remember, the path to spiritual enlightenment is both a journey and a destination.

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