Abundance Retreats

Life Changing & Empowering – Connect More Intuitively

October 24th & 25th From 9am – 3pm 2020 | Ballroom & Beyond | 300 Josephine St #220, Denver, CO 80206

About My Retreats

Abundance Retreats 2020

Our Abundance retreats are magical! There’s nothing quite like a group of strangers coming together to up level theirs lives, learn to trust in one another with in a days time, and finish the weekend exchanging phone numbers and hugging each other good bye!
My program is designed for the spiritual beginner to the Sages themselves. Equal parts of...open discussions, one on one work book exercises, and physical movement techniques that make the weekend fun, sexy, and unexpected! The program combines a few dance techniques like learning to lead and follow, which can be easily translated in the work place or the bedroom!
Each retreat has something uniquely different to offer. Like an emphasis on loosing weight, finding your purpose in life, or connecting to your sexual energy. Each retreat will also offer one guest master teacher of a specific subject that will join on the second day.

Over 12 Hours of Self Awakening

Empowering Humans, Making Memories

  • During this unforgettable experience you'll learn how to trust others, trust yourself, and find new techniques of unblocking your inner being, that guides you to manifest your future dreams.
  • Uniquely themed retreats span everything from weight loss to discovering a positive relationship with money, and finding your true purpose in life!

October 2020 Retreat Schedule

Below you'll find the October 2020 Abundance Retreat schedule. We'll keep this page regularly updated with all new speakers and sessions, so be sure to keep checking in!

Guest Speaker

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Naomi's life shifted back into alignment as a conduit to the infinite after a very dark night of the soul. The rest you could say has been nothing short of astounding! Even though it seems to be an unconventional profession to be a psychic medium, especially with her religious upbringing, intuiting has been her soul's calling since she was a young child. She has always been able to hear, see, feel, sense and know things that others around her are unaware of.
She considers the inspiration that she receives to be not only Divine but holy, from the standpoint of how powerfully it has served the highest good of her clients, students, and event attendees. It has gifted her more ecstatic joy and wholehearted satisfaction than any other work, she could have ever dreamed of. Naomi resides in beautiful Denver Colorado, with her supportive partner Dave and two angelic furbabies; Gracie a tiny rescue dog and Bhutta an Egyptian Mau. She loves quantum theory, dancing, the paranormal, hot tea, the ocean breeze, laughter, vulnerability, deep intimate conversations, miracles and everything mystical!

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Limited availability due to Covid-19. We are taking safety precautions at every retreat.

“An amazing, thought provoking experience that I will never forget!”

– Lauren B.

2 Day Abundance Retreat

Limited Availability
$ 300
Per Ticket
  • 12+ Hours
  • All Inclusive
  • Guest Master Teacher
  • Deconstructed Gift Bag
  • Catered Lunches, Coffee, and Snacks
  • 2-Day, Theme Centered Workshop
Oct 2020

“I’m so glad I rearranged my schedule and made time for this, I definitely would have regretted missing this awesome weekend”

– Grace L.

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Our guests LOVE our retreats and many return throughout the year!

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After 12 hours of exercises, experiences, and elaborations of how the universe co-creates…you should feel more inspired, empowered, and a curiosity for the next level of your future in life, love, and your career.

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The retreats are held at Ballroom & Beyond – 300 Josephine St #220, Denver, CO 80206

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