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Foster Leadership and Wellness in Your Workplace Elevate your organization's wellness through our specially curated corporate retreats. Jaki Royal offers programs that integrate spiritual wisdom with practical applications to enhance mental health, improve relationships, and achieve a sustainable work-life harmony.

Build a Supportive Corporate Culture

Enhance Team Connectivity

Perfect for teams looking to foster leadership, creativity, and a supportive corporate culture. Discover how our retreats can transform your workplace dynamics and contribute to overall productivity.

Learn techniques that strengthen interpersonal relationships and team cohesion, creating a more harmonious work environment.

Unlock Your Spiritual Potential with Jaki Royal - “Evaa Speaks”

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1 on 1 Channeling Session

Limited Availability
Session 1-2 Hours
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  • Deeply personal sessions designed to align your body, mind, and soul, guiding you towards your life's purpose. These sessions can be conducted in person or over the phone, offering flexibility to our clients.

Public Speaking Engagements

Limited Availability
TBD Open for Bookings
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  • Jaki Royal is available for public speaking sessions, sharing insights on spiritual awakening, the power of energy frequencies, and the journey to discovering life’s purpose. Contact us!

Evaa Speaks - Program

Limited Availability
12 Weeks Deep Dive into Your Spiritual Evolution
  • A Portal to Your Inner Universe
  • Explore: Your personal relationships, soul's purpose, body, mind, and heart through a structured, transformative journey. Manifest your desired reality by tuning into the right energy frequencies.

“An amazing, thought provoking experience that I will never forget!”

– Lauren B.

“I’m so glad I rearranged my schedule and made time for this, I definitely would have regretted missing this.”

– Grace L.

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