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Attract Money: Abundance Coaching

We all possess the ability to manifest our own destiny. It is truly a gift to understand your purpose in life, yet most people will never consider asking themselves that question.

My unique set of skills is the ability to engage with others on a soul level in order to inspire, encourage, and set an example for reaching one’s ultimate potential. Because of my background as a life long competitive ballroom dancer and coach, an entrepreneur to three different companies, and a spiritual intuitive, I can humbly say that I have a gift for seeing what people need and the ability to get them there! It brings me the greatest joy to see my clients have “ ah ha” moments that change the trajectory of their life and set them on a path they never thought was possible.

My Abundance Coaching program is constructed around your desired goals. There are no two programs that are alike. Within the first sessions we are creating a solid understanding of what your intention is and mapping out a plan of how to get you there quickly.

Sometimes clients come in with the idea that they have money issues when actually they have a limiting belief about their self-worth. It is my job to navigate through the session and deliver exactly what you need. Even if YOU don’t know exactly what you need! My sessions can have elements of dancing or lead and follow, which can help with trust, vulnerability, and foresight.  It can involve channeling the frequency of money in order to allow more abundance into your life or it can even have emotional healing through a psychic reading. The possibilities are endless! 

Jaki promised me she would change my life with this coaching- and only four sessions in she has revolutionized the way I interact with the world, and been a positive force of abundance. She gives actionable solutions to a multitude of troubling situations that life inevitably doles out transforming pain into light. She is a beautiful coach that I truly feel was manifested into my life to bring greater understanding and awareness. She is a goddess, and willhelp to manifest understanding into your soul.

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How I Can Help You

Attract More Money, Have Better Relationships

Plain and simple, I am in the business of changing lives. If you are not waking up every day knowing your purpose in life, pursuing your goals, chasing and catching your dreams, and feeling overwhelmingly abundant, then there is room for growth. In one-on-one coaching sessions, I am able to close the gap between your dreams and reality.

My life’s purpose is to equip others with the tools necessary in order to have an abundant relationship with themselves, with money, and with the collective consciousness that is the universe around them!

How It Works

Three Simple Steps Towards Abundance


Create clear Intention


Feel it’s existence


Allow the receiving of it

I give high-level human beings the tools to create more abundance within their lives. Whether that is more time, more love, more money, or more over all happiness. I can help repair the relationship between you and money, or you and your inner self. 

My greatest mission in life is to give anyone the ability to be the person they think they are meant to be. To not only find one’s purpose, but to act on it.

Thank You Money

Abundance Comes with practice

The design of the Thank u money logo and stickers is the symbol of not only infinity but the constant flow that money’s frequency stays in. When you put these stickers on your credit cards or wallet, they are a constant reminder of gratitude for the money you already have and the continuation of flow that you want money to remain in. “When I see my sticker I always say out loud…Thank U Money! It is a good habit to have when maintaining a great relationship with money.” 

Some feedback that is common after having a money channeling session with me is…that people feel they have a direct line to speaking to money and start to create a healthy relationship with her. Within days after the session I will get “thank u money” text messages or people calling me to say…today I had a big money issue come up and normally I would have lost my head over it. Instead I felt confident that money had my back. I feel at easy and more free to trust that everything is working out for me!


Hear From My Clients

“I am truly grateful for all of the people I’ve been able to help and for all of the amazing feedback I have received over the years.” – Jaki

About Jaki

“Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go”

Born into a family of competitive Ballroom Dancers, Jaki did not always feel in control of her own destiny. She was a shy, people pleasing, overly sensitive little girl that had to work extra hard to escape the shadows of her well accomplished parents. In order to find her true calling in life, she had to understand what made her uniquely different from everyone around her.

“I am a spiritual being first, human being second. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 21. I am currently a high level competitive athlete. I am an author and an intuitive that channels the frequency of money!” – Jaki Royal

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You should expect to have a better understanding of your own belief about money and where they came from, as well as knowledge about the frequency of money. This will allow you to repair or even start a healthier relationship with money. It will free you up from limiting beliefs and allow you to create a better flow of abundance to yourself.

If you feel any calling or curiosity to better know yourself or the world around you, then you are the perfect person for this kind of coaching.  The Abundance coaching is designed to help people better understand what and who they are. Trust that if you are on this website, something greater has already led you here!

My coaching techniques are uniquely my own! Because I have been a coach in other fields of expertise for over 20 years, I can guarantee the way I break things down is very different. I combined some ballroom dance techniques of lead and follow as well as the interplay between opposite sex and same sex, in order to educate on many levels. I use my realism as an entrepreneur and my intuitive gifts to communicate exactly what is needed to allow my clients to reach their goals. Not to mention I channel the frequency of money!

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