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Open Mic Night

A Portal to Your Inner Universe

At our Open Mic Nights, witness the magic of community and individual transformation. Imagine a setting where you share and explore your innermost thoughts, dreams, and spiritual quests. It's not just an event; it's an experience that breaks barriers between strangers and turns them into spiritual allies. Open Mic Night is tailored for everyone—from the spiritual novice to seasoned seekers.
Our sessions incorporate enlightening conversations, soul-stirring performances, and deep personal reflections, promising an evening that is invigorating, inspiring, and profoundly transformative. Not just another Open Mic, this event becomes a platform for soulful expression and a catalyst for your own spiritual journey.
Limited Availability: Precautions Being Taken Due to health and safety guidelines, we're limiting the number of participants.

Schedule To-Be-Announced

Evaa Speaks

Tune In, Transform, Transcend

Evaa Speaks isn't just a brand; it's a frequency—an energetic wavelength designed to catapult your spiritual evolution. These 2-hour sessions held every 4 to 6 weeks serve as a powerful crucible for inner transformation.
Engage in deep discussions, experience guided cosmic journeys, and participate in energy frequency tuning exercises. Each session offers a unique focus—whether it's exploring your life's purpose, healing past traumas, or manifesting your dreams.
2-hour sessions every 4-6 weeks, Eventbrite link and pricing To-Be-Announced

What People Say

"After working with Jaki and Evaa I found a new perspective and peace around emotions and life experiences that were weighing me down. She helped me release and shift my energy and focus to allow more joy, curiosity and gratitude. My life has changed in a profound way. Jaki offers highly evolved intuitive empathic therapy, coaching, and energy work. I appreciate that she also offers practical advice on what to work on to help navigate into a fulfilling life."
"Working with EVAA/Jaki has been an enlightening experience. Each session has helped guide me towards a better understanding of myself, collective consciousness, & elevating my vibration to aid in raising the earths frequency."
Fitness Instructor/Founder
Our attendees adore our events and many make it a regular part of their spiritual journey.

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Limited availability due to Covid-19. We are taking safety precautions at every event.

“An amazing, thought provoking experience that I will never forget!”

– Lauren B.

“I’m so glad I rearranged my schedule and made time for this, I definitely would have regretted missing this.”

– Grace L.

Open Mic Night

Limited Availability
$ 40
Per Ticket
  • A Portal to Your Inner Universe
Fall 2023

Evaa Speaks

Limited Availability
$ 200
Per Hour
  • Eventbrite Link Coming Soon
Fall 2023

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Open Mic Night is not just another performance event. It is a transformative experience designed to uplift your spirit and soul. This event creates a magical space for you to share your thoughts, dreams, and spiritual quests with a like-minded community.

The cost for attending Open Mic Night is $40 per event.

Evaa Speaks is a frequency designed to accelerate your spiritual evolution. These 2-hour sessions provide profound insights, cosmic journeys, and exercises to tune your energy frequency.

If you’re reading this, there’s a strong likelihood that your soul has led you here. Both Open Mic Night and Evaa Speaks are designed to help you discover your life’s purpose, heal past traumas, and engage in meaningful spiritual practices.

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