Unlock The Secret To
Infinite Abundance

“Money is not judge mental. She doesn’t look at someone and say you’re a good person so you get a lot and you’re a bad person so you get a little. She’s all about going with the flow.”

From greed to gratitude, how speaking with money will forever change your outlook on and relationship with money.

“ What would your life feel like if you had an amazing relationship with money? If you could put a face on her and talk to her, what would you say? Would the first words out of your mouth be…thank you money?!”

This is a book you can’t AFFORD not to read!


"Money is not the face of a dead male president or a piece of tattered green paper..."

The Movement

Thank you money is a movement, a pay-it-forward action that allows individuals to treat themselves and their relationship with money differently.

Think how different you would be, the world would be, if money had a different meaning in your minds eye.  Think of the doors and the potential that would unlock for your spirit.


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"....by acting from a place of fear and scarcity you unknowingly block the flow of money."

Who It's For

“When I see my sticker I always say out loud…Thank U Money! It is a good habit to have when maintaining a great relationship with money.”

The Seeker

Are you the type of person that is constantly setting goals and reaching them? Would you like to speed up the manifestation process? Through my book you will learn some fundamentals techniques to getting out of your own way and getting the flow of abundance knocking at your door the minute you think it into existence.

The Lover

So you are already wealthy and feel you have a great relationship with money. The flow is a regular state of being for you. Congratulations! Now how abundant are you in the other aspects of your life? Do you have enough time in the day to get everything done? Do you have an abundance of love in your relationship? Or have you sacrificed other areas of your life in order to prioritize your career? It’s time to equal the playing field and have abundance in all aspects of your life.

The Lost

So you feel completely abandoned by money. She has never been there for you and you don’t even know what you would say if you could talk to her! This is an essential read for people like you. Be introduced to money like you never have before. Instead of stressing every time you have to pay a bill, be able to authenticity have gratitude and feel the safety in knowing money has your back. Learn techniques to let go of your baggage and start a positive relationship with the abundance of money. You can’t afford not to read this book!

About The Author

“Like a leaf falling from a tree, she just let go”

Jaki Royal

Born into a family of competitive Ballroom Dancers, Jaki did not always feel in control of her own destiny. She was a shy, people pleasing, overly sensitive little girl that had to work extra hard to escape the shadows of her well accomplished parents. In order to find her true calling in life, she had to understand what made her uniquely different from everyone around her.

“I am a spiritual being first, human being second. I have been an entrepreneur since I was 21. I am currently a high level competitive athlete. I am an author and an intuitive that channels the frequency of money!” – Jaki Royal

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